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Dart Leagues

We have year round dart leagues and tournaments for all level of competitors.

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Dart Leagues

Dart Stats:

Monday Cricket Team

Monday Cricket Player

Tuesday Couples Team

Tuesday Couples Player

Thursday Cricket Team

Thursday Cricket Player

Sunday SHU Team

Sunday SHU Player

Dart Schedules:

Monday Cricket Schedule

Tuesday Couples Schedule

Thursday Cricket Schedule

Sunday SHU Schedule

Dart Position Rounds:

Click here for position schedule

Player House Rules

1A.) Schedule Play: All matches are to be played the day of the scheduled date, any matches played before or after scheduled date will be deleted and transfered to week 99.

1B.) Week 99 Players: Team matches in week 99 will receive their wins, but players will not receive any wins or marks for that match.

2A.) Bye's & Forfeits: Bye teams do not put money in for wins; a bye is a bye.

2B.) Forfeit Money: Put money in only for forfeit matches to receive the wins.

2C.) Forfeit Teams: Teams that have more than (2) forfeit weeks will be automatically dropped from the league leader program.

4.) Starting Times: All teams are expected to arrive and start on time. (7:30 pm). Any teams arriving later than (7:45), will forfeit the match.

5.) Sportsmanship: Team players are expected to show good conduct and sportsmanship. Any bad conduct by a player, or players will not be tollerated by the league or location. This can lead to expulsion from the league.