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Dart and Pool Leagues

We have year round dart leagues and tournaments for all level of players.

Romeo Leagues.

Competitive Valley pool leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Contact Us>>

Description of Picture. Romeo Amusement Company has been a family owned business since 1939. We offer a wide variety of amusement games and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you are a new establishment looking for an amusement game operator, or just not happy with your current operator, give us a try. We will do our best to serve you better.

Touch Tunes Music: State of the art sound with all our digital touch screen jukeboxes will ad revenue to your business by giving your customers access to all their favorite songs and videos. Can be played from the touch-screen or remotely from your phone.

Arachnid G3 Dart Games: Dart boards can offer hours of fun for your customers while adding revenue to your business. Play with your friends for fun or join one of our summer and winter dart leagues.

Pool Tables: Nothing generates capital like a pool table if you have the right location. Your customers can enjoy hours of fun playing on our Valley pool tables, or they can get in on the competition with our Valley-8 pool leagues.

Pennsylvania Skillz Games: The latest in touch screen games that everyone is playing. No more visiting the crowded casinos when you can play at your favorite shopping center, bar, or club. Have tons of fun and chance to win big.

Golden-T Golf Games: Can't golf year round in Erie, but you can still get out on the links with one of our Golden-T golf games. Customers love these games during the winter months as well as summer. Generate extra cash in your establishment with one of these popular video games.

Redemption Games: We have the latest line of fun redemption games to entertain all ages of players. Test your skills on a game of chance to win a variety of prizes.