Pool League Messages

Updated 12/4/2019

Fall/Winter Pool Leagues 2019-2020

Tuesday Valley 8 Pool League: Starts 9-24-2019 ends 4-14-2020.

Thursday Valley 8 Pool League: Starts 9-26-2019 ends 4-30-2020.

Thursday MC's In-House Pool League: Starts 9-26-2019 ends 3-19-2020.

Pool Tournaments

AJ's Bayview Inn: Every Saturday @ 6:00 pm double elimination pool tournament.

Important Information

Starting Times: All teams are expected to arrive and start on time. (7:30 pm). Any teams arriving later than (7:45), will forfeit the match.

Rosters: When filling out rosters at the beginning of a new season. All team members first and last names should be filled out completely and neatly. (No nick-names or initials please). This is one of the responsibility's of the team captain.

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