Dart League Messages

Updated 3-11-2018

Dart Banquets

Wednesday 301 Cricket banquet: March 21st 2018 @ Doc Holliday's 7:30 pm.

Schedule Changes

Monday Cricket: Team #9 Prindle Coach's has dropped out. (Put team money in to receive forfeit wins).

Monday Cricket: Team #4 Henry SHU will be moving from SHU Club to The Saucery.

Thursday Cricket Sapphire: Team #12 The Four Locos will be moving from Scooters to SHU Club.

Attention Thursday Cricket: Sapphire division teams #4 Just The Tip, #8 Manginas, #11 Snow Masters, will play highlighted matches at the SHU Club.

Fall/Winter Leagues 2017-2018

Monday Cricket (4 player) League: Starts 10-9-17 ends 4-23-18.

Thursday Cricket Jade (4 player) League: Starts 10-5-17 ends 3-22-18.

Thursday Cricket Sapphire (4 player) League: Starts 10-5-17 ends 4-19-18.

Important Information

Position Weeks: No subs allowed on position!

Sub Players: If you are a sub or playing for first time & your name is not listed on team roster - you must enter your complete name before shooting - if not the games you played will be forfeited. Also, A player on a team cannot shoot for a ghost player.

Player Names: The program does not accept incomplete names. We need the first and last name of the players to receive their wins and marks. (No nick names or initials). Otherwise when a new player subs for you, they forfeit any wins.

Foul Play: Players cannot play or sub for more than one team in the same league. Players cannot sub using another players name, or fake name. Players caught breaking the rules will forfeit any wins for that night. (Lets keep it fair).

Rosters: When filling out rosters at the beginning of a new season. We need the team name. (20 characters max including spaces). All team members first and last names should be filled out completely and neatly. (No nick names or initials). This is one of the responsibilities of a team captain. If you do not have a team name, one will be assigned using last name of the team captain and location.

Uploading stats: If dart board has not been updated, try hitting the triple 20 (6) times and the board will call in and update.

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