Dart League Messages

Updated 12/4/2019

Fall/Winter Dart Leagues 2019-2020

Monday Cricket Dart League: Starts 10-7-2019 ends 3-16-2020.

Tuesday Couples Cricket/01 Dart League: Starts 10-1-2019 ends 2-25-2020.

Wednesday 301/Cricket Dart League: Starts 10-2-2019 ends 3-18-2020.

Thursday Cricket Dart League: Starts 10-3-2019 ends 3-5-2020.

Wednesday Zukor 301 Dart League: Starts 10-23-2019 ends 2-5-2020.

Sunday SHU Chicago Dart League: Starts 12-8-2019 ends 3-29-2020.

Team Changes

Tuesday couples Jade Division: All matches against team# 5 Crosby Way will start at 8:00 p.m. (work related). Thank you.

Important Information

Starting Times: All teams are expected to arrive and start on time. (7:30 pm). Any teams arriving later than (7:45), will forfeit the match.

Sub Players: You must enter your full first and last name on board, if not, any wins and marks will be forfeited and given to a fictitious name "foul." (Players on a team cannot shoot for a ghost player).

Forfeits: Teams that accumulates (4) weeks of forfeits will be automatically dropped from the league leader program. In order to receive forfeit wins from a dropped team, you must put in your money the week of the scheduled match or the following week. Any forfeit wins paid after that will not receive wins and will forfeit money.

Board Forfeit: Anyone punching or kicking the board will automatically forfeit that game.

Rosters: When filling out rosters we need the team name (20 characters max including spaces), all team members first and last names. No nick-names or initials please, this is one of the responsibility's of the team captain. If you do not have a team name, one will be assigned. "No team name changes once rosters are submitted."

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